Community councils in the state authorities want to make public, but the government itself will resist

 Community councils in the state authorities want to make public, but the government itself will resistCitizens will be able to control officialsCitizens and public organizations will be able to check the activities of government agencies, local authorities, commercial and non-profit organizations. These opportunities will give them the law On public control, the draft of which was presented yesterday at the Public chamber. Experts recognize that the new law will provide new opportunities for corruption, but fear that this struggle itself did not stimulate corruption.The concept of law developed by a working group comprising representatives of the Public chamber (OP) of the presidential Council for human rights (SPCH), state Duma deputies, senators and experts. The presidential Council began work on the bill back in 2011, and to prepare and submit to the state Duma is expected in may (see Kommersant dated 21 March).The bill provides the Public chambers of the Russian Federation and regions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), individuals or groups the right to control the activities of public authorities, local governments, and other objects. Among them, explained from the concept of the law the head of the presidential Council Mikhail Fedotov, should also include state and commercial organizations in areas that affect public interests, such as the environment, transportation, catering, etc. the Public interest in the concept are treated as legitimate interests of citizens, their security and development of society.Be exercised social control through public hearings, examination, monitoring, and verification. Читать полностью -->

Putin is not to blame for the flooding, but the government model again showed inconsistency

 Putin is not to blame for the flooding, but the government model again showed inconsistencyFrom the stories of victims, eyewitnesses and officials should: incompetence, irresponsibility and indifference of the authorities has compounded the tragedy in southern Russia, triggered by heavy rains on July 6-7. In moments of disasters Putin is alone with the irate victims. The lack of intermediate links is the fruit of a vicious system of manual control, the underfunding of infrastructure and power vertical, according to the Western media.On Friday night, reminds Tagesspiegel, in the Krasnodar region was a heavy rain, unusual for this season: per night had the two-month norm of precipitation. The water in the Kuban stood up abruptly, overflowed and caused mudslides. Especially hard hit are the three areas, the most - Krymsk with 60-thousand population: it swept a big wave. More than 170 people died in the streams of water, more than 12 thousand were left homeless.MOE explains the large number of victims that wave covered the city in the night of Saturday, when everyone was asleep, but the authorities have begun to recognize their own mistake, the newspaper continues. Читать полностью -->

Watershed Worship в Marsh

 Watershed Worship в MarshDenis SokolovDespite the enormous social changes in the country in the 90s, the relationship between "rich and poor" do not become strained. Mass culture, although drawing image of businessman in black paint, but it is assumed that under this hellish shell may be hiding something good. And noble spiritual teacher or a doctor can make this a fiend in human.People from the business environment easily adopted such rules. In the end, they were mostly immigrants from the Soviet intelligentsia, with all its complexes and mythology of the dominance of the spiritual over the material. Privatization became the original sin of Russian business, although it has participated, with more or less success, almost the entire population of the country (if not in the form of the privatization of the apartment, it is in the form of a voucher). Still "the public" believes that everyone connected with the business, responsible for "predatory privatization", and requires its revision, despite the fact that most of today's "public" business to a lesser extent benefited from privatization.And so, implicitly smoldering controversy, finally, through the efforts of the authorities came to the surface. Читать полностью -->

Mindless desire to live like the rich, puts the Russians in credit bondage and poverty

 Mindless desire to live like the rich, puts the Russians in credit bondage and povertyEugene ARSHINThe rich get richer and the poor credits from poorerRussia on the size of the gap between rich and poor is perhaps the first in the world. Our all rich richer, all our poor poorer (of course, when compared with developed countries). At the same time the Russians, according to statistics, people buy a lot of expensive things, from computers to cars. Cry poverty? No, take on credit. And give unlikely.MILLIONAIRES DISADVANTAGEDNew data from the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse - Russia leads in the degree of differentiation of incomes. Russian dollar billionaires in control of one third of the national wealth. Читать полностью -->

Muslim Maxim Shevchenko opened the "face""

About "Moscow brothers". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Members of the public see the draft law on culture spiritual threat to Russia's security

 Members of the public see the draft law on culture spiritual threat to Russia's securitySubmitted to the state Duma of the Russian Federation the draft Federal law On culture opens the way for the legalization of homosexual propaganda and blasphemous works of art, according to representatives of the public.The bill refers to the category of cultural property means any work of art and culture, regardless of its quality content. Proclaims the freedom of choice of moral, aesthetic and other values, which are also related to cultural values, - reads the statement of the Association of parents ' committees and communities of Russia ARCS, submitted today to the portal Interfax-Religion.Thus, conclude the authors of the document, immorality is legitimized and becomes just one of the varieties of moral conduct, which has its own cultural value.According to them, the draft law establishes the priority of rights and freedoms in the sphere of culture in relation to the rights in this area of the state, municipalities, public, religious and other organizations, ethnic communities, i.e. completely negate the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics, the national spiritual values and compromises the ability of public appeals to their observance.The bill promises state protection independently determined values not only citizens but also cultural communities, not showing them there are no formal requirements that can be used to protect the identity of any destructive groups and currents, and primarily the LGBT movement. After the enactment of the promotion of homosexuality is finally legalized, said in a statement.In addition, as noted therein, the bill unleashes artists, earning glory on unethical, immoral and blasphemous works, makes invincible media that promote violence, cruelty, debauchery, etc.. . . Читать полностью -->

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